Argus is a fast paced, vertical scrolling shoot-em-up for the Amiga computer. It features great Graphics, SFX, Gameplay, over 40 unique enemy ships, 9 levels, each stage with it's own unique landscape, and a range of weapons and utility powerups.

Argus was written by Craig Burlock.

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For those not convinced by these features, it contains a deep, meaningful, intriging plot...

ShipThe Story:

Due to the surplus of B grade fighter pilots, you have been volunteered to undertake a morale boosting mission which involves attacking the invading alien's home world, causing as much damage as possible before being shot down and killed.

If you survive attacking the invader's home world, than you are ordered to assist in the defence of a strategic mining moon which the enemy is using as a base.

Should you not find your body littering the moon with those of your predecessors and you are successful in reclaiming the strategic point, then, due to the improbability of surviving both missions, you are ordered to single handedly destroy the alien invasion fleet as it moves towards Earth.

ShipWhat do I need ?

To run Argus you will need to equip yourself with some quite advanced technology:
Real AmigaPretend Amiga
  • Amiga Computer (with amiga custom chips). ?
  • 1 Mb of Chip RAM inside of this computer.
  • An Amiga Kickstart ROM (Also inside of the Computer)
Argus will run in NTSC and PAL Screenmodes (Only 15kHz modes and Playing in PAL Screenmode is much easier as it has a slower Update Rate). The game has been tested on:
Real AmigaPretend Amiga
  • A500 1 MB(Chip) OS1.3
  • A600 1MB OS2.04, with and without Hard Disk
  • Standard A1200HD/40
  • A1200, Blizzard '030 with Fast RAM, OS3.0
  • P150
    • Fellow v0.2.1
    • WinUAE 0.6.9 (020/881)

ShipArgus on your very own computer

Argus is shareware. A demo of the first level is available on the Aminet as "game/shoot/argus.lha" (356k). It is also found on various aminet CD-ROMS. To play the rest you will have to register with the author.

This Demo was also featured on the coverdisk of an issue of Amiga User International.

The Argus archive is 356k.
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Also by the Author of Argus
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